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legal issue in divorce

Should I Get a Divorce?

Believe you’re heading for divorce you must understand the legal issues in divorce. Good legal advice will enable you to secure your rights…..

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Posted: 4-15-2018

Child Custody

Fathers Custody and Visitation Rights

Many think that child visitation and child custody revolve around the rights of the mother and that the fathers rights are a secondary concern.  Fathers visitation rights are critical to the child and their ability to live a healthy and happy life.   When a fathers visitation has been denied…

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Posted: 4-3-2018

Pro Bono Lawyer

Fathers Rights

What Are Fathers Rights And How To Protect Yours

Given the high rate of separated or unwed male parents who desire direct involvement in their children’s lives, fathers rights are finally a topic of discussion. An attorney well versed in fathers’ rights can address and strategize regarding a father’s entitlement.

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Posted: 3-5-2018

Pro Bono Lawyer

Fathers Rights

¿Qué son los Derechos de los Padres y Cómo Proteger los Tuyos?

Dado el alto índice de padres varones separados o solteros que desean una participación directa en la vida de sus hijos, los derechos de los padres finalmente son un tema de discusión. Un abogado versado en los derechos de los padres puede abordar y diseñar estrategias con respecto a los derechos de un padre. Read More

Posted: 12-27-2017

Visitación en Texas

Visitation in Texas

Paternity in Texas



Visitation rights

Adjudicate Parentage

Adjudicate Parentage in Texas

Understanding Father's rights

Understanding Father's rights

Adjudicate Parentage Proceedings

Texas Adjudicate Parentage Proceedings

What Is an Adjudicate Parentage in Texas?  Usually, it is pretty clear who a child’s parents are – but not always. Sometimes, it takes a court to make the final determination of the identity of one of a child’s parents. Read More

Posted: 2-21-2017

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