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legal issue in divorce

Should I Get a Divorce?

Believe you’re heading for divorce you must understand the legal issues in divorce. Good legal advice will enable you to secure your rights…..

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Posted: 4-15-2018

minimize attorney's fees in a divorce

minimizar los honorarios de abogado en un divorcio

child support in Texas

Can I Lower My Child Support in Texas?

When a couples separate, they must make a plan to care for their child. They decide where the child will live and how the child’s time will be divided between the two households. It’s common …

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Posted: 10-9-2017

reducir la manutención de sus hijos en Texas

Self-Employed Fathers

Deshacerse de la manutención de menores en Texas

¿Cómo me Deshago de la Manutención de Menores en Texas?

A nadie le gusta estar en deuda, y estar atrasado en la manutención de niños en Texas puede ser particularmente grave. Esto se debe a que el estado puede tomar medidas para cobrar la manutención infantil en Texas, lo que puede incluir tomar cheques de pago y confiscar el dinero en cuentas bancarias.

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Posted: 9-16-2017

Rid of Back Child Support in Texas

How Do I Get Rid of Back Child Support in Texas?

No one likes to be in debt, and being behind on child support in Texas can be particularly serious. That’s because the state can take steps to collect back child support in Texas that may include taking paychecks and seizing the money in bank accounts.

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Posted: 9-16-2017

Child Support Arrearage

How Fathers in Texas Can Get Rid of Their Child Support Arrearage

Many fathers in Texas fall behind in their child support payments at one point or another. This can be stressful for everyone. Fortunately, solutions are available. By being upfront about the difficulty and dealing with it head-on, it is possible to keep relationships intact.   Furthermore, to also avoid the most damaging legal problems.

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Posted: 7-25-2017

Fin de la manutención infantil en Texas

¿Cuándo Termina la Manutención Infantil en Texas?

La mayoría de los padres están felices de asumir la responsabilidad de apoyar a sus hijos. Sin embargo, la carga es costosa, lo que lleva a los padres a preguntarse: “¿Cuándo termina la manutención infantil en Texas?”

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Posted: 7-23-2017

Child Support End in Texas

When Does Child Support End in Texas?

Most parents are happy to take on the responsibility of supporting their children. However, the burden is an expensive one, which leads parents to wonder, “When does child support end in Texas?”

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Posted: 7-23-2017

Child support in Texas

Child support in Texas

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