Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders in Texas often called a Temporary Restraining Orders, typically expire by operation of law after 2 weeks.  People may often confuse a restraining order with a protective order.  Protective orders are usually much more serious than a restraining order.  Restraining orders, or more accurately temporary restraining orders, are typically filled with a petition for divorce and most often essentially order the parties to keep doing things the way they are doing them.  Restraining orders are often mutual, meaning they apply to both parties the same.  Restraining orders often restrain or prohibit, the parties from doing things like removing their children from school, running off and hiding with their children, hiding money, or selling off their assets.

If you are served with a restraining order, it is best to consult with an attorney and have the attorney explain exactly what you can and cannot do.  The attorney can also explain how long the restraining order lasts – how long you will have to comply with it.

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