Father’s Rights in Texas

If you are a father in Texas, it is important to realize that you have rights.  Furthermore, your children’s mother may try to keep the children from you.  Or furthermore, prevent you from seeing your own children.  You may even be paying for child support for your children in Texas, however, the mom makes things for you as difficult as possible.  Also, know that you are not alone, but it is essential to understand your Father’s Rights in Texas.

Father's Rights in Texas

Understanding Father’s Rights in Texas

Once you can legally establish that you are indeed the father, then the Texas Family Code Sec. 151.001 will apply to you.  The Texas Family Code Sec 151.001 states the rights and duties of the parent as follows:

  1. the right to have actual possession, to provide guidance on the moral and religious matters
  2.  to determine where the children will reside
  3. the job of caring, controlling, protecting, and reasonably disciplining the children
  4. the responsibility of supporting the child.  Which means providing children with clothing, food, shelter, medical and dental care, and education
  5. the obligation to, except when a guardian of the child’s estate has been appointed, to manage the estate of the child.  It includes the right as an agent of the children to act in relation to the children’s estate.   Especially if the children’s action is mandatory by a state, the United States, or a foreign government
  6. except as provided by Section 264.0111, the right to the services and earnings of the child
  7. the right to consent to the children’s marriage.  Furthermore, enlistment in the armed forces of the United States.  Also,  medical and dental care.  In addition, psychiatric, psychological, and surgical treatment
  8. the right to represent the children in legal action.   Also, to make other important legal decisions impacting the children.
  9. The ability to request receipts for child support payments for the children.   Moreover, to hold or disburse funds for the benefit of the children
  10. the legal right to inherit from and via the child
  11. the right to make decisions concerning the children’s education and college
  12. any other rights or duties that may exist between a parent and child by law

The rights above are not only limited to fathers, but also applicable to mothers.

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Father's Rights

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