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Fathers Right Attorney

How to Hire a Fathers Rights Attorney

Knowing how to hire a Fathers Rights Attorney is critical to having a positive outcome in your case. First, you need to make sure they have the expertise and commitment related to Fathers Rights issues. Are they going to advocate for you and your children? Are they committed to helping you get as must time as possible with your children or helping you become the custodial parent?

Where can I find help?

Fathers for Equal Rights is operated by America Family Law Center. We work closely with the attorneys at America Family Law Center to advocate for fathers. America Family Law Center understands the importance of a father in the life of their children.

Fathers for Equal Right can help you determine if seeking a reduction in your child support could be considered.  Don’t get further in debt by not taking action. Call or text today.

Posted: 6-8-2021

Parental Alienation

Fathers Respond to Parental Alienation

Fathers often suffer from Parental Alienation that is a result of the mother bombarding the child with negative images and words about their father.  This results in a loss of the child-father relationship and is a form of psychological child abuse.

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Posted: 6-6-2018

Protective Order

legal issue in divorce

Should I Get a Divorce?

Believe you’re heading for divorce you must understand the legal issues in divorce. Good legal advice will enable you to secure your rights…..

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Posted: 4-15-2018

Parental Alienation

Child Custody

Fathers Custody and Visitation Rights

Many think that child visitation and child custody revolve around the rights of the mother and that the fathers rights are a secondary concern.  Fathers visitation rights are critical to the child and their ability to live a healthy and happy life.   When a fathers visitation has been denied…

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Posted: 4-3-2018

Pro Bono Lawyer

Fathers Rights

What Are Fathers Rights And How To Protect Yours

Given the high rate of separated or unwed male parents who desire direct involvement in their children’s lives, fathers rights are finally a topic of discussion. An attorney well versed in fathers’ rights can address and strategize regarding a father’s entitlement.

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Posted: 3-5-2018

Pro Bono Lawyer

What To Expect From a Pro Bono Lawyer?

Many fathers facing difficult legal situations and unsure where to turn for help? A father worried about maintaining his relationship with his children may find a consultation with a pro bono lawyer is the best place to start.

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Posted: 12-18-2017

Houston Fathers Rights Attorneys

Protective Order in Texas

child with another man in Texas

Visitation in Texas


Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in Texas

parental alienation

minimize attorney's fees in a divorce

child support in Texas

Can I Lower My Child Support in Texas?

When a couples separate, they must make a plan to care for their child. They decide where the child will live and how the child’s time will be divided between the two households. It’s common …

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Posted: 10-9-2017

Self-Employed Fathers

Fathers Rights Movement

Paternity in Texas

Rid of Back Child Support in Texas

How Do I Get Rid of Back Child Support in Texas?

No one likes to be in debt, and being behind on child support in Texas can be particularly serious. That’s because the state can take steps to collect back child support in Texas that may include taking paychecks and seizing the money in bank accounts.

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Posted: 9-16-2017

Terminate Child Support in Texas

Unmarried fathers in Texas

Fathers' Rights Before Birth

What Are Fathers Rights Before Birth and Abortion in Texas?

Before your child is born, you have parental rights. Unfortunately, they may be limited, especially with regard to abortion in Texas. The more you know about fathers’ rights before birth and abortion, the better able you will be to defend those rights.

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Posted: 8-21-2017

Malicious Mother Syndrome

Fathers in Texas Should Know About Malicious Mother Syndrome

Some separations and divorces are amicable, with the ex-spouses getting along well enough to continue raising their children within the terms of a parenting plan. Others don’t get along very well, but they continue to make efforts to provide healthy homes for their kids.

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Posted: 8-16-2017

Fathers Rights to School Records

What Are a Father’s Rights to School Records in Texas?

As a father, you have full rights to your child, including the right to access and review school records in Texas. Many divorced fathers mistakenly believe that they need a court order or other “papers” that allow them to participate in their child’s education.

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Posted: 8-9-2017

Child Support Arrearage

How Fathers in Texas Can Get Rid of Their Child Support Arrearage

Many fathers in Texas fall behind in their child support payments at one point or another. This can be stressful for everyone. Fortunately, solutions are available. By being upfront about the difficulty and dealing with it head-on, it is possible to keep relationships intact.   Furthermore, to also avoid the most damaging legal problems.

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Posted: 7-25-2017

Child Support End in Texas

When Does Child Support End in Texas?

Most parents are happy to take on the responsibility of supporting their children. However, the burden is an expensive one, which leads parents to wonder, “When does child support end in Texas?”

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Posted: 7-23-2017

Child support in Texas

work and family life


Visitation rights

Adjudicate Parentage

Understanding Father's rights

Understanding Father's rights

Adjudicate Parentage Proceedings

Texas Adjudicate Parentage Proceedings

What Is an Adjudicate Parentage in Texas?  Usually, it is pretty clear who a child’s parents are – but not always. Sometimes, it takes a court to make the final determination of the identity of one of a child’s parents. Read More

Posted: 2-21-2017


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